Peter Andre forces Junior to socialise!

By now you’ve definitely heard of the hit game Fortnite, and if you haven’t… seriously where have you been? It’s Battle Royale components paired with cartoon characteristics are the perfect combo for any young teen to get addicted to, even celebrities like Peter Andre’s son, Junior


At just 13 years old, he is already shooting down enemy targets all in hope for that Victory Royale. Unfortunately for Junior, Daddy Peter has some ground rules now that they’re living together.

‘I only allow Junior to play [Fortnite] for a maximum of an hour at a time,’ He explained in his new! Magazine. ‘He knows once his hour is up he has to come downstairs and socialise with the family.’

An hour, really Pete?! Surely that’s pushing it a bit. An hour of Fortnite barely gets you two games in (if you don’t die within the first few minutes like myself, and manage to last until the end). Two games is not nearly enough to get out that teenage angst and channel your inner demon into! Come on Pete, extend that curfew a little for the lads own good.

He might thank you for it later. Let’s face it, at 13 who wants to socialise with the family? We’re heated, we hate everyone, we don’t want to talk to the family about school or how difficult today’s modelling photo shoot was. We just want to unleash our rage on some other angsty teens from across the globe.

Peter’s not alone in his hatred for the game though – parents all over the globe are expressing their anger for the addictive battle royale game. Some children having spent hundreds of their parents hard earned cash on micro-transactions.. maybe turn those parental controls on to stop that happening, eh? That being said, most kids will grow tired of the same old maps, game play and functions soon enough and move on to the next version! At least it’s not PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds



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